Feel Good Gift Boxes started in 2019. Our mission is to provide gluten free gift boxes. Our promise to you is to provide quality gluten free products. Only the best products have been selected and sourced from around Australia. Gift boxes are beautifully presented in black boxes and wrapped with a ribbon. 

I called it ‘Feel Good’ as I hope the products do make you ‘feel good’ and not bad! I know how it feels to feel absolutely awful for days or weeks after eating food you probably shouldn’t have. I am probably like you or the person that you are purchasing this gift basket for. I’ve found it hard finding nice food to eat or just normal food that I can eat! We all want to feel normal and instead of saying ‘I can’t eat that’ you can eat everything in these gift boxes (as long as you don’t have a food allergy as well!). So, if you’re about to purchase one of my gift boxes for someone who is a coeliac or who is gluten free. That person is going to love the fact that they can eat all of it! Plus you don’t have to spend all day reading food labels to make sure your friends can eat them! I am constantly searching for quality gluten free products to fill the gift boxes with. Products you are not likely to find in your local supermarket.

A lot of the products I have sourced have been created by people diagnosed as coeliacs or who are parents of coeliacs and have wanted to provide for their family and now run family businesses. 

Fulfilling the needs of hungry gluten free people and coeliacs. I am a person who doesn’t tolerate gluten and know how hard it is to find quality gluten free food to snack on or indulge in. 

A Feel Good Gift Box is the perfect gift for your GF friend and is sure to bring a smile to their face. I hope you or the person you are buying the gift box for is satisfied. Please email me if you are satisfied and would like to comment. Please let me know if you were dissatisfied with the gift box or delivery time.  

If you are a gluten free food producer or supplier and you would like to discuss having your products added. Get in touch by sending an email to amandaj@feelgoodgiftbox.com.au